Recently I was interviewed for the Macedonian web portal Pixel, and I got asked - what would be my ideal outfit when it comes to going to a fashion event? At that time, I didn’t know how hard was going to be to answer this question. First of all, an ideal combination of clothes means different things to different people. And second, who can actually tell what makes a good outfit to actually be good? 
I tried to answer this question for myself, so I wanted to share my humble opinion with all of you. If you think differently, please comment and share your opinion, it means world to me.  

Let’s get back to the main theme. For me, an ideal combination of clothes is the one that includes unique, brave and sophisticated pieces of clothes. I love a combination that emphasizes my personality and my character. And I always try to stay true to my style and I know that this will sound like a cliche but, I am always wearing appropriate clothes for my age and my body type. If you are not wearing something that suits you, people will notice, and you will look inappropriate or overdressed. 

I am a color person, therefore, no matter the weather and the season, for a fashion event I would choose clothes with different colors and prints. I would focus my outfit on one main piece, for example the dress, with unconventional lines (like the one that I am wearing in this post). Then, I would try to build on that the rest of the wardrobe, piece by piece. I don’t really appreciate the style rule: Less is more - this is why I am always open minded for wearing more with more. For example, this quilted parka combined with this fluid silhouette dress, flared at the base. The parka is sporty and masculine and the dress is very feminine. Together they work quite well because they are combined with red heels and this sports rucksack. One piece doesn’t overwhelm the other and they look so cute together. 

And the most important thing of all: Everything to look seamlessly, I never forget my positive attitude and my smile, as a part of every perfect style combination. So, wear your best smile and have a great time. 

Today I'm wearing:

Whole Max&Co outfit:
DALIA parka (here)
PASCAL printed twill dress (here) 
ABILE leather backpack (here)

Malis RED HOT heels (here)

Photographs taken and edit by Prazno Mesto Photography
Styling by: MissUrbanVibe

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