Just when you are feeling down and overstocked by fifty shades of grey, black and white, and perhaps you are thinking there is nothing bright at all in the fashion world, along comes Irina Tosheva to raise up your fashion mood. Colorful with young spirit, happy prints, warm and so wearable are the words that can describe Irina’s latest collection. Collection was consistent of: burst color dresses printed with drawings of urban buildings inspired by the artist Vane Kosturanov, showing the spirit of her hometown Skopje, A-line skirts with charming ruffles, shirts with colorful dots and beautiful knits (my personal favorite). The pieces had Cyrillic love messages like: Love at first sight, Favorite, Loved… The whole performance was amazing: famous Macedonian pop group Nokaut was playing live at the show; the models had such fun walking and almost dancing down the runaway, “armed” with smile upon their faces. And who wouldn’t dance and feel wonderful in this kind of clothes that can lift your mood every time you wear them.   

One of the best pieces on the runaway was the pink girlish like coat tight with cute bow on the front. It reminds me on my childhood, when my mother used to make all of my clothes. One of my favorite was the girlish A-line coat she was making for me, with specific details on it.  
All colorful pieces printed with drawings of houses are now looking for their fashion home. They can hardly wait to color our hometown in blue, green, yellow, pink and white, screaming their love messages. 


What can I say and not to be wrong about Mite Zanov collection?! His clothes have proved how should one designer prepare and design his first collection. He was fashion revelation on this year’s Fashion Weekend Skopje. His fashion story “The naked dawn” was composed of avant-garde, brave and gracious pieces. Every piece complemented the next one, almost like he recounts your favorite fairytale. His precise and sharp tailoring in nude colors (colors were following the headline of the collection) brought freshness and innovation to the Macedonian fashion scene. 

On the catwalk, Zanov offered clothes for modern, courageous and rebellious women who are not afraid to raise their voice against the fashion unification, against everyday concord of humanity, who have fallen asleep and forgot the beauty of the Human essence and existence. Zanov found his inspiration in the aquarelle landscapes of the English painter William Turner. That’s why his lady warrior is dressed in clothes with clean lines, skirts with high waists made of materials who remind us of knight Templar's, in golden color in combination with earth color coats with interesting shapes at the sleeves. Red and black couldn’t have looked prettier in his long dresses, the first one narrow and the second one coat- dress with zip on the front. But my personal favorite was the beige color pants with high waist and folds on the front.     

If this was his starting fashion point, I can hardly wait to see Mite Zanov's next one. From now on, he is one of my favorite Macedonian designers.   


Photos by Ani & Dimi

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