Paris is famous for it's beautiful and yet stylish women. The main question is: How to achieve a Parisian look if you don't live in Paris? For a start you have to mix classic pieces with chic tailoring aplenty. Keep it simple and choose your key piece. My key piece was this chic jacket combined with this A-line dress with print. I didn't want to combine a lots of color, because Parisians don't use lots of burst color, so I keep my outfit simple and clean with shades of green. Tres chic wouldn't be complete if you don't have appropriate accessories like this black boots and little bag. And the most important staple item- the hat. Combine the outfit with Parisian attitude nice perfume and super light makeup. And voila! You can totally nail it.  

Well, what can I do, it's girls dream to be like a Parisian. Enjoy the pictures.  

Outfit: head to toe Marella
MERINGA coat (here)
NICHEL bag (here)
HAT/ DRESS (winter collection)
Shoes: LADY CROCKOS (Mali shoes)

Photographed and edit by: Prazno Mesto Photography
Style by: MissUrbanVibe

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