Monday, January 30, 2017


Today I'm wearing:
Marella bomber jacket (here)
Marella tulle skirt (here)
Weekend Max Mara sweater (here)
Weekend Max Mara suede sandals (here)
Weekend Max Mara jewelry 
Location: Amigos Mexican Restaurant

Here are some more ideas on how to recreate the same outfit.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


While we were shooting this combination, we were having fun with my friend and colleague blogger Jelena so I wanted to share this pictures too. Go and check her blog on:

Today I'm wearing:
Marella CIPOLLA ART 365 dress (here)
Marella FIRST ART 365 blouson (here) 
Max & co ALIANTE lace-up suede pumps (here) 
Weekend Max Mara necklace 

Jelena is wearing:
Marella Pelago Dress (here) 

Location: Amigos Mexican Restaurant 

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Thursday, January 12, 2017


I didn’t have the opportunity to say proper good byes with the year 2016, so I made a selection of my favorite photos and projects browsing through last year’s posts. I reminded my self that last year was a wonderful year, filed with lots of fun projects, collaborations and adventures. So once again, I am so happy to share my best moments with you. Thank you all for following, supporting and reading MissUrbanVibe posts! 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude  to all the UrbanVibe contributors and partners: Magnetik Group, B-Watch, Fashion Group, Bata Macedonia, Rosica Mrsik, Marsin, Tesoro, AVON Macedonia, UNDP, Unique Magazine, Tocka and my UrbanVibe crew: Praznomesto Photography, Jasna Chilimanova & Pepika Jovanova. Thank you all for a successful year. I am looking forward to this years projects and collaborations.   

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Monday, January 9, 2017


You may remember this dress from a recent appearance on my blog, and now, I finally found time to write the story behind it. Maybe I did that on purpose, because I wanted to start this year with my favorite last year's collaboration.  

Since I first heard that Rosica Mrsik is making her new collection inspired by the The Raven song by Edgar Allan Poe, I was super excited to see all the pieces from the collection. And to be honest, in my head I was imagining and expecting Gothic kind of style, dark but romantic pieces. But when she invited me to the promotion of the collection, I remember that I was driving towards her studio and I told myself: This is Rosica, there is no way she’s done something so predictable like Gothic and dark romantic pieces. And I wasn’t wrong: the collection wasn’t even near as Gothic as I thought it would be, although it breathes with little dark romantic spirit. Quite romantic, feminine and very modern, these are the epithets which adorns every piece from the Raven collection.  

The woman who will wear pieces from this collection is a strong, confident, romantic in a dark and gloomy way, and she will love the black in the collection, not because it’s fashionable and modern, but because it suits her, because she gives warmth and comfort to her black stands- depending on her mood. The woman who will wear these pieces from the collection feels attractive, regardless of her years, because she knows what kind of attributes she possesses and she displays them boldly and knows what to emphasize: good legs in a black pencil Raven skirt made from the finest handmade lace, back and arms with the Raven dress made from handmade lace, thin waist with Pepita jacket and Tie top, or curves with both Pepita and Embellished dress. 

And now we are getting to the story from my favorite pieces from the Raven collection. I will start with the preparations for the day of the shooting. My photographer Jasna wanted to do a shoot that was inspired by the actual Raven song, with high contrast lightning and little bit of drama in the pictures. We work really well with each other, and we are usually always on the same page, so we decided to make this story alive.

Then came the fitting and choosing of the clothes. I don’t usually wear black, but in this case, I decided to forget everything I know about black. And since I tried my two favorite pieces from the collection (in this case I am talking about the Raven dress and the Embellished dress, both black) I immediately eradicated away my prejudices for the black color. Unusual, unexpected and statement - making, the once - reliable black shade now does everything but blend in as an ordinary color in my head. There is something about the combination of handmade lace, feminine silhouette, open shoulders and bow that creates one twirl - worthy perfection of a dress like the Raven dress. And the Embellished dress… oh, what can I say about this dress except that when you put it on, you feel sexy, sophisticated and powerful. Of course, very important detail: all the dresses were a perfect fit to my body type.

The finishing touch: dark lips and smokey eye make up.  

The Raven turned out to be Poe’s most successful work, and in my humble opinion, this is Rosica’s best collection so far. You cannot expect less from a designer who’s constantly challenging herself and always reinventing her styles.   

Was there a better way to start the new season on the blog?! Well, maybe… if Rosica made her new spring 2017 collection and we were promoting it on the blog. 

Today I'm wearing:

Rosica Mrsik outfits:
The Raven Dress (here)
Embellished Dress (here)
Pepita Dress (here)
Wool Coat (here)
Denouee Over the knee Boots (here)
Roberto Bravo jewelry by Tesoro

Photos taken and edited by Chilimanova photography
Make up by Pepika Jovanova
Location: Think 

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Friday, December 30, 2016


На претпоследниот ден од годината, со многу измешани чувства, радост и возбуда, сеќавања и нови моменти, полека ја испраќаме старата за да ја дочекаме новата година... и во сето ова лудило си поставуваме нови резолуции, нови предизвици и нови задачи. 

И на само еден ден до пречекот на новогодишната ноќ, во недостаток на време да го напишам постот порано, би ви предложила две комбинации кои ги направив во соработка со прекрасната дизајнерка Марија Трајанова од брендот Marsin. Уште од првото испиено кафе и договорите за соработката, си ги осетивме енергиите и знаевме дека оваа фотосесија ќе резултира со многу позитивен фидбек. Да не ги заборавам и моите колешки Александра и Дани, кои полека но сигурно влегоа во листата на мои драги пријателки, преку соработките во последниве 364 денови. Што да кажам- виновна сум по прашање на дружба со луѓе, лесно ги засакувам сите оние со кои делам сличен, да не речам ист сезнибилитет. И да не забегам со темава, во некоја друга прилика ќе ви прераскажам многу повеќе за нашите дружби. Сега да се вратам на првобитната замисла за овој пост.  

Првата, иако подневна комбинација, сепак доволно женствена и со празничен дух. Црн фустан на преклопување, на кој освен дезенирани хулахопки не би му додала некој посебен накит, бидејќи самиот по себе е доволно накитен со комбинацијата на парчиња материјал со змиски принт. Кој нема проблем со ладното време може да го искомбинира фустанот со чевли со висока потпетица (пробана варијанта, одлично стои), а во мојот случај тоа беа чизми над колена (што да речам- ептен сум зимурлива иако сум родена во најзимскиот ден од годината).   

Втората комбинација, повторно составена од парчиња од деби колекцијата на Marsin, црн елек кој го искористив како фустан врз кој облеков уште еден подолг елек во беж боја со реси. Овојпат искористив колан со кој му дадов нова линија на елекот- фустан. И во овој случај решив да се задржам на минимализмот во комбинацијата, па затоа не додадов накит. За разлика од претходната комбинација, оваа одлично се надополнува со чизмите над колена. И дава порокерски шмек. 

Во однос на шминката, се одлучив за Smokey eyes, а фризурата, паааа може да ја наречете растурена, лежерна варијанта на пунџа. Истите ги овозможожија вредните раце на девојките од Кариера плус.    

Today I'm wearing:
Collection: Million voices by Marsin 
Shoes: Chantel
Hair and make up: Kariera plus
Photo credit: Erina Bogoeva
Location: Wonderlust Cafe & Concept store

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