Thursday, February 18, 2016


How did you manage to become one of the most popular bloggers in MK? And what do you think was your crucial for your success? 

- Ah, thank you love, but I don’t feel popular at all. I just do my thing, and I stay true to my esthetics no matter what. As for success, I believe that it comes from the combination of lots and lots of work, and a dash of healthy self-criticism. Producing recognizable work, and growing as a person and as a professional takes dedication and constant effort.

How would you describe your personal style?

- A subtle mix of elevated basics and statement pieces.

What do you think about upcoming trends, do you have any favorite among them? 

- Trends are not my thing. Essentially, every trend is an idea reinterpreted from some point in the past. I believe that the best collections have a little timelessness in them, and I prefer pieces that can be transformed and silhouettes that can be worn both now and in the future. 

Do you think that dressing up depends on your current mood? 

- Wearing certain clothes on a certain day is definitely influenced by current moods. But, I believe that some women have a tendency to look absolutely, stunningly glamorous despite what mood they’re in and what they’re wearing. Women that have a strong personal style and an impeccably glamorous sort of character never fail to project that, whether it’s through a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or through a stunning dress and sky-high heels. 

"I don’t have anything to wear"- do you, like most of women, use this sentence often?

- The struggle is real. Always in need of more and more clothing options, because who ever got tired of incredibly designed pieces of fabric? 

When it comes to accessories do you have any particular rule that you follow, while combining them with some outfit? What is your favorite accessory? 

- Shoes and earrings are my thing. Even if you keep everything basic, killer shoes and statement earrings can elevate the look to a whole new level.

Can you choose 5 pieces from your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

- I currently can’t live without my Zara faux fur coat in various shades of brown, a five-year-old Zara leather jacket that gets better and better with time, a black Nine West backpack in which I probably carry my whole life on a daily basis, and a pair of Benetton sunglasses that cover the constant lack of sleep.   

Is there any style trend or piece of clothes that you would never wear?

- High waist pleated midi skirts and dresses. 

Favorite brands… 

- When it comes to high street brands, I don’t have any favorites. I like the process of exploring and digging for good items, and I often find such clothes in unexpected places . However, I wouldn’t mind combining the pieces I have with lots of Isabel Marant, Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe, Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton, Haider Ackermann, Vetements, and Anthony Vaccarello, among others. 

Your style icon is… 

- It’s never only one, and it constantly changes. Currently, I’m very into the ethereal French Californian vibe of Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp.

Do you think “less is more” as a fashion rule that should be broken? 

- There are no rules in fashion. There is, however, good and bad taste. 

What about beauty tricks- do you have any favorite products or top tips?

- I like to invest more money and time on skincare than makeup. I believe that it takes a lot of time to find products that actually make your skin better, healthier and more radiant, so I’m more willing to explore that than buy lots of makeup. I currently can’t live without Lush’s Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, and I recently discovered The Body Shop’s Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrate, which I love so far. 

I have noticed that you wear lots of black outfits. But my personal opinion is that you look fabulous in bold colors. Is there by any chance that you are avoiding colors for some reason?

- Good eye. For me, black is the symbol of ultimate chic, subtle, yet powerful, serious, yet punk. At this point, I find black and dark tones to be much more intriguing than colors. 

Any style advice for our readers?

- Focus on finding clothes that complement your body shape, that are comfortable, and that make you feel really, really good. Invest in quality rather than quantity. Set yourself free from following trends.

* What are you wearing at the moment, while you are answering these questions? 

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The retro mood gets a sharply tailored spin for pre-collections, with hero pieces that invite us to live in the moment and release our inner rock goddess. The flare is staple and its shape is transformative with leg- length effect. Teamed with a print blouse, nice tailored trench and booties with wood heels can satisfied my idea of modern uniform dressing. After all, this combination adds up an easy, elegant off- duty look which you can wear for any occasion.  

Today I'm wearing:
Marella TRECCIA trench (here) 
Max&co POSTINO t-shirt (here) 
Marella jeans  
Marella boots (now on sale)
Liu jo DIA bag (in different color here) 
Liu jo hat (now on sale)
Max&co ACCORATO scarf (here)

Photos taken and edit by: Dimitar Atanasov
Make up by: Pepika Jovanova
Styled by: MissUrbanVibe

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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Today I'm wearing:

Parka Liu jo (here)
Dress Liu jo (spring collection)
Over the knees boots Liu jo (now on sale)
Bag Liu jo (now on sale)
Accessories Max&co (here)

Photos taken and edit by: Dimitar Atanasov
Make up by: Pepika Jovanova
Styled by: MissUrbanVibe

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Lately workout wear is not just old gym bags and ratty T-shirts, but today’s approach to athletic apparel is chic, modern and investment- worthy. Following this global trend, Macedonian designer Irina Tosheva designed her first signature sport collection as part of her project with Macedonian factory “Cebotex”. The collection was presented today with catchy and unusual performance at the skate park, and was organized by Skopje Fashion weekend. Hoodies, T-shirts and leggings are among the 15 pieces from the collection called “Cebotex active wear by Irina Tosheva”, designed for urban, young man and women. 

You can buy your favorite pieces from the collection in Tosheva’s atelier and also on the web-stores: and 

The team behind the catalog: 
Photo by: Ani&Dimi
Graphic design: Anita Gaj
Producer: Sveta Bogova- Jovanovska

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


As I have gotten older, birthdays have become for me a time of intense self- reflection: what have I done so far in my life, do I have loyal friends, do I love my job, am I happy with the way my life is going… with one word: birthdays have become a point in my life when I am questioning myself what have I learned from the previous year of my life. 

Before I share my thoughts on this subject I would like to start by saying thank you for all your wonderful Birthday wishes! Words can’t describe how much they mean to me! This is actually a third birthday we celebrate together, so thank you so much again for being so faithful, kind and supportive. 

Here are some thoughts (resolutions) that I would like to share with you:

Take your time to decide what you want to be and where you want to go. Take your time and dedicate to something that fulfills you. Trust me it’s not good when you are wasting your time on things that doesn’t give you joy and happiness in your life.  

Grab some new opportunities. And dare to take the risk. So just do it! Even if it scares the hell out of you. The world belongs to those who take risks. 

Love your friends. As you get older, it’s more difficult to hang out with your friends: they move away, start families, they get involved in their careers, and suddenly you have lost communication with them. If you really love your friends, be sure to spend every free minute with them and don’t be afraid to say that you love them. This is a relationship that last longer than any love relationship, so you have to nourish it.   

Be happy and stop complaining. No one else is responsible for your happiness but yourself. If the things are bad, don’t blame anyone else, it’s up to you. Happiness reflects from your decisions and your everyday actions. That is the reason you should always try to change your actions to get better and happier reaction.  

Love yourself the way you are. There is nothing more annoying than wanting to look, or be like someone else. You need to learn your strengths and focus on how that makes you beautiful and unique. Once you accept yourself the way you are, you can go stronger in the future, till you become a confident person. Now that’s a beautiful spirit right?!    

Now I have another 12 months to figure out what to do with these resolutions. 

My birthday outfit:
Max&co dress
Max&co shoes
E-bay necklaces 
Calzedonia tights 

Pictures taken by: Dimitar Atanasov
Make up by: Pepika Jovanova
Styling by: MissUrbanVibe

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Thursday, February 4, 2016


    Минатиот викенд бевме поканети на отворањето на новата ексклузивна продавница на еден од најпознатите светски модни брендови Weekend Max Mara. Уреден по нивниот најнов концепт, просторот е вистинско освежување каде доминираат светли, земјени бои и впечатлив дизајн. Ентериерот, покрај стилските софи и шкафчиња, како дел од него ќе сретнете и големи овални маси со стакло, лампи, врамени слики, прекрасни огледала со дрвени рамки и книги на рафтовите искомбинирани со парчиња модни додатоци. 

Сепак, она што најмногу воодушевува се префинетата облека и модни додатоци. Тука на радоста и нема крај. Не само поради тоа што парчињата облека на Weekend Max Mara се по мој вкус, туку и поради фактот што тие се практични, мултифунционални и пред се, елегантни и женствени. Кога ќе го посетите ова женско катче ќе ја доживеете неговата пријатна и примамлива атмосфера. Во меѓувреме погледнете ја галеријата на фотографии кои ги забележавме при нашата посета. 

п.с Не останав рамнодушна на пробување и комбинирање на омилените парчиња од нивната пролетната колекција кои ќе наскоро ќе ги преточиме во постови. 

     Last weekend we were invited to celebrate the opening of the new exclusive Weekend Max Mara store. Arranged and designed by brands latest concept, the space is really refreshing, dominated by earth colors and distinctive design. The interior, despite the stylish sofas and cabinets, have large oval tables with glass, framed pictures on the walls, beautiful mirrors with wooden racks and few books combined on the shelves along with the fashion accessories.   

However, the most impressive thing in the store is actually the clothes and the fashion accessories. Very rich and sophisticated, the wardrobe, including all the various categories of garments (coats, knitwear, shirts, denim, dresses and lots more) and is complete with a full range of accessories specially designed for the Max Mara women. This means solution for the contemporary demand for garments that are practical and versatile, no matter the occasion. The clothes are something between elegant, feminine and formal informality. When you visit this women’s corner you will experience its warm and appealing atmosphere. 

In the meantime you can check out our gallery of pictures that we photographed during the store opening.    

For the store opening I was wearing:

Weekend Max Mara outfit:
Double breasted jacket
Slim cigarette printed trousers
Bonjour Bonsoir silk blouse 
Max&co Acronico shoes 

Photos taken and edit by: Dimitar Atanasov
Make up by: Pepika Jovanova
Styled by: MissUrbanVibe

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