Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inspiring Street Looks

When it comes to fashion weeks seems like editors, buyers and street style heroines (read bloggers) have their best outfits for last and judging by their looks this year in Paris, London and Milan this rule is no exception. They are always very inspiring and you can learn how to mix and match styles, patterns and accessories… I know that autumn days just begone but I like to be prepared for every season. So I picked up few of my favorite street style stars and analyzed their looks. From graffiti patterns and prints, military styled shirts and skirts to animal dresses, all white look, fringed bags and shoes, nature patterns, plaid and bright colors... outfits like seen by Nicole Warne (, Aimee Song (, Chiara Ferragni ( these are the combinations that will suit my fall wardrobe.
But remember- even if you like some outfit, do not try to copy it, do it your own way. Make your own winning combination.

Well, these would be my inspiration for the season, what’s yours? 

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… E

Sunday, September 8, 2013

When the going gets tough, the tough gets autumn

 Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Everything is different- the street, the weather is polite, color madness disappears, and everything gets calm, from the colors of wardrobe to people’s behavior. I like this time of the year because it’s best for layering clothes and I can skillfully mix some summer pieces with new autumn beauties.
Little black dress
Ideal piece for every time of the year and for every occasion. I love it because I can wear it on work, for going out, for special occasions depends how I’m going to transform it. This shift sleeveless dress from Cotton is one of my favorite. I will combine it with nice pair of print tights, BIB necklace, flats (maybe a pair of booties or oxfords) and cool hat for Saturday’s coffee hanging with my girlfriends or statement necklace, plateau pump and tote bag for work. Let’s just say: I’m going to do it like Audrey Hepburn.
  Shoulder bag
Fall is the time to buy a new handbag, and this year street fashion made ​​an effort to impose irresistible trends. But you can’t forget your colorful summer shoulder bags that you can match with dark autumn wardrobe. This is my favorite summer bag from (as I wrote in previous post, I’m mona addicted). Glorious color is the primary way to channel head- turning style this season. That’s why match your brights for full effect. 
  The new necklace
There is no boring outfit that good pieces of jewelry couldn’t save. This summer we said goodbye thin necklaces with small pendants hello statement jewelry brighten up with large piece of combined metal and colored zircons. Necklaces were large and cheerful as bracelets, rings, as well as ornaments in hair. Do not skip interesting accessories, which means good style. Few of my favorite are necklaces that I bought this summer from ebay. Honestly they are cheaper and they look good as expensive one. 
 Sandals and tights
Sandals and tights work together. But you have to be very careful with this combination. Not every kind of sandals matches tights, especially flat ones. And they have to be good as new, the sandals and the tights. Old ones don’t work together. Also nude tight colors don’t suit with any kind of sandal. Hosiery in fun, flirty colors and patterns add character when coupled with opened-up footwear. This is the best season to wear them.

I’m so excited about the fashion challenges that autumn brings with it. Aren’t you?!

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… E

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behold the power of vacation

In the last post I wrote about my trip to Croatia. In Zagreb me and my friends had the best time ever on Robbie Williams concert, thanks to our host and dear friend Lidija and after two days we drove to Bol. As I said the view was amazing- crystal blue sea, fishing boats, private yachts, beautiful villas with traditional yards with lots of trees and flowers, narrow labyrinthine streets, perfect climate and state of mind sunrise.


Zlatni Rat is the most recognizable beach at the Adriatic Sea and it’s a pure miracle of nature, with its famous horn shape divided into two by a pine tree grove. We stayed most of the time here; on the beach or it the beach bars doing practically nothing, except- sunning, swimming and enjoying the life for good. 


If you’re traveling to Bol you must know that you don’t need tones of wardrobe. All you need is swimming suit, beach bag and towel, book, or as I did- some classic Alan Ford pieces, rubber shoes (the sea is full of little stones and its best if you have some) and short bodysuit/dress for the beach. For night walk you need some flat sandals, linen or cotton pants and t-shirt, sneakers for a long walks or nice long summer dress. Places you should visit among the beach Zlatni rat is the old town, the marina with all those yachts and boats, old monasteries or you can travel by ferryboat to Split (the nearest town). Like every Dalmatian city Bol have lot of restaurants with fish, meat and native vine offer.   

Adrenaline junkies can also try a range of crazy rides as banana, tubes and the fly fish, or can enjoy the speed of jet skis. For a bird- eye view of the whole beach you can try para-sailing. But still Bol is Europe’s favorite destination for divers, surfers and windsurfing. My boyfriend is a diver and he dived on few famous locations and it’s a shame that I can’t show you the whole album with hundreds of pictures that he took underwater- fabulous landscapes, impressive step walls and reefs with red gorgons and black coral, a range of marine species such as octopuses, lobsters, moray, seahorse, sea breams and many more different kind of fish. The look on his face after every dive- priceless. 

Enough talking, enjoy the pictures.


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