There is no Macedonian designer who does minimalistic elegance like Jovana Filipovic. Her discipline in creating and making clothes is getting on higher level with each new collection. And this time, it was no exception. Perfectly tailored, the collection was reflection on some future perfect times. She imagined a future where art, design and architecture are the driving force. 

White long dresses that follow the line of the woman’s silhouette, same style but in black color dresses covered from one side with draper style tweed shawl were the opening combinations. And just when you think you are seeing another monochromatic show, the designer surprises you with an outfit that totally shakes the balance of black and white. And there it was, my favorite piece: bronze baggy pants and shirt, which blew my mind with the complex but yet, simple and clean design. As the show moved toward to more elegant and yet chic minimalistic clothes, the balance was moved again with bronze baggy pants and bronze coat, combined with white cotton top that offered a sporty option for red carpets.  And yes, I would wear the combination on the red carpet. 

The rest of the collection, skirt with zippers on the front, two piece suits in black color, black shirts combined with nude color pants and black shimmer tops just strengthen Filipovic status as one the best designers in Macedonia, and designer who knows how to make clothes to everyone’s measure. And no matter if you like minimalism in tailoring or monochromatic colors, this collection will win you over. My opinion is that her secret weapon her strong focus on a specific idea. She will take the idea and elaborate it over the development of the collection. 

Filipovic covered the spectrum of black, white and grey in all of her designs using quality materials like wool, silk and cotton. Maybe it was so good because of the combination of the fabrics used in the pieces. Could you imagine more minimalistic approach for the future than this? 

She transformed her past collections into the future. Everything old is new again, when you know how to do it this well. 

Photos by: Ani & Dimi

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