Thursday, April 30, 2015


Few days ago I announced that Urban Vibe is going to be among the few Macedonian fashion blogs who are going to be working on a project with Macedonian designer Irina Tosheva. When she first contacted me for this collaboration I was very happy and thrilled for the invitation, because this is my first collaboration with a Macedonian designer.
I have seen all Irina’s collections and I always liked her designs, but when I met her in person, I discovered that, not just that I like her personality and motivation, way of thinking, but I started to understand the driving energy behind every piece she has made, so far. Her personality is energetic and bold, but at the same time very sophisticated and sweat, just like her designs. She told me something that has been an inspiration for this post: “The pieces from my collections are meant for street style, for urban heroines, for everyday people, not only for special buyers”. I wrapped this around my mind so I made this photo editorial, side by side with my dear friends Ivana and Ivan from Prazno mesto photography.      

I have always liked unique and special pieces of clothing, so when it came to choosing a piece from Irirna’s latest collection “Enchalon”, I knew before she even asked, what I would wear for this post: the white trench that opened her latest s/s 2015 show. I once read that the first piece to every single fashion show must be the most important piece of the whole collection, so that is one of the reasons I choose it for this project.  

Sophisticated, classic and subversively sexy, the trench is one of fashion’s perennial pieces and this season, as we have seen on many well-known designers’ shows, it is even more desirable. Case in point: Irina Tosheva’s white trench, which can be worn as a dress, is a modern and at the same time chic. Its sleeveless silhouette, loose layers and natural textures makes the trench even more desirable. 
Irina executed her vision with a stunning attention to details, making her designs infinitely wearable, regardless of current trends. I made two different combinations with this trench. The first combination is more chic, brave and sexy. Because I’m so in to colors, the white trench had to be combined with burst color dress and a good pair of heels. This kind of fashion piece, like this timeless white trench, can elevate everything in your wardrobe, from denim to go-out pieces.  

And the second combination is following Irina’s words and idea of street style dressing, with casual dress, white t-shirt, and sneakers. I must admit, that this is exactly the same combination that I imagined when I first saw the piece on the runaway. 

What I love the most about Irina’s fashion is that she designs for an independent women and girls, who dress for themselves, not to please others or to be judged. And wearing her clothes makes me feel like looking and feeling good has never been so simple. 

In case you have missed her latest collection, you can visit her new online store Irina Tosheva and treat yourself with a new and unique piece of clothing. 

Today I'm wearing:
Look 1: Irina Tosheva trench (here)
Custom dress 
Mali Nudey shoes (here)
Festina 16642/1 watch (here)

Look 2: Massimo Rebecchi dress (here)
Almir Mali T-shirt
Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers (similar here)
Mona messenger bag (here) 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Have you ever thought of your shoes as a way to communicate an idea, an ideal, or an initiative for support? 
Well, now it’s possible to wear statement shoes, through our new partnership with Standfor, a new European shoes brand. We’re so proud to present you Standfor’s first collection with shoes that are more than just footwear. They represent global awareness, an action, and an idea and believe in the power to make the world a better place.  
Standfor shoes are meant for people who walk for a reason, every collection brings a new statement, through a range of unique layouts that unite trendiness and meaningfulness. Called “Smoke Less”, their first collection focuses on global epidemic of smoking and how to turn something that is harmful into something positive. 
The collection is composed of few lines of shoes called: Breathe, Leaf, Fertility, Out, Literal, Passive and you can choose different styles, varying from boots, ankle boots and shoes. 

Lungs are the main inspiration for the “Breathe” line. Healthy lungs means the ability to breathe properly, which will hopefully allow you to enjoy life as the miracle as it is. The shoes’ color is meant to remind us of the sky, open air, and an active prosperous life. 

My personal favorite is the “Leaf” line, inspired by the tobacco leafs. The goal was to emphasize the beauty of tobacco in its natural form opposed to cigarettes. But, the most obvious design is the line “Out”, an inspiration that came from the fact that smoking is uncool, it’s out, so idea is to drop it and stop smoking. Even if you find smoking fashionable, colorfully glamorous, it is something you shouldn't be proud of. 

The main thing that I like about the shoes is their uniqueness, as well as they are so different beginning from the design all the way through the colors and the materials used. 
I have to admit that we at Urban Vibe are so excited, to be among the first to show Standfor shoes collections and to promote this new brand on our blog. We are so happy that Standfor recognized our continuous support for many different campaigns and reached out to us for an exclusive web-shop were you can pre-order the shoes. 

Let’s show the world how we Talk our Walk. 

Get you exclusive pre-order until 3-rd of May:

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I don’t’ know about you, but my wardrobe heroines are usually rooted in the classics. Pieces I bring out again and again, season after season, with the power to make me feel good, regardless of whether I have gained a little extra curve on my hips. As a statement-classic-piece I would single out jeans. This season a new order of sartorial savior has arrived, the flair jeans. And while they are taking over the fertile fashion ground, I would like to master my old pair of skinny ones, until I update them with a form-flattering jeans. This look pulls together a few of my favorite all-time classic pieces, like my ripped skinny jeans and this light-wear tunic in bold prints. I wear color pieces all year long. People who follow my blog constantly, knows that no matter the weather and the season, bold color pieces will always remain dominant in my closet. 

Though I love clothes, jewelry, bags and different kind of accessories, my main weakness are good pair of shoes. Wouldn't you agree that a good pair of shoes can change everything in terms of creating good styling?! What gets me really excited are the special details. Which brings us to this pair of shoes that I’m wearing in this post. What I love the most about this pair are the yellow elegant heels. But honestly, it’s their nude color that makes them my favorite pair so far. I would be happy to hear from all of you, what do you think about this pair of shoes, and what are your favorite pair that you own?

Today I'm wearing:
Diana Gallesi tunic (here)
LC Waikiki ripped jeans (similar here)
Mali Nudey shoes (here) or you can purchase them from BabetteShoes
Festina chrono bike watch (b-watch store)
Photography by: Prazno-Mesto-Photography   

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hello everyone! Here's another look that I was wearing during the Fashion Weekend Skopje 2015. I'm so glad that I got this amazing t-shirt as a present from the organizers of FWSK and UNDP, as a result of my blog's involvement in their campaign "End violence against women and girls- Now". This shirt was designed by the young fashion designer Almir Mili. It makes perfect match with this flare C&A jeans and my new favorite, Nenette blazer. For me, this kind of outfit requires bling bling accessories that's why I'm wearing this gorgeous statement necklaces and blog rings.   

Below is the first outfit that i was wearing at FWSK 2015. I usually don't wear pink but when I saw this Nenette dress I instantly fell in love. What I like the most is its sporty shape and feminine detailing like the satin ruffles. I combined it with this shiny Mona messenger bag and sandals. On second picture I'm posing with my fellow blogger Aleksandra from Aleksandrina vezilka (loved her styling that night).     

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Monday, April 6, 2015


Sporty spin

Hi everyone! Here I am in one of the three outfits that I was wearing during the Fashion Weekend Skopje 2015. On this picture I'm wearing Massimo Rebecchi blush crop top with Massimo Rebecchi shirt- dress with dropped shoulders, printed with playful flowers, my favorite Max Mara pants and H&M sandals. When it comes to accessories I always stick to one rule: Less is more, so I paired this pieces with this red Parfois bag, to get sporty like vibe and a filigree necklace. Hope you like the whole look. 

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Sunday, April 5, 2015


Colorful and youthful- these are the words that describe the new spring/ summer collection of Irena Tosheva. Called Enchalon, the ancient word for eel, a kind of fish that lives in the lake Ohrid, and also this is the old name for the town Struga, the collection was inspired by the water as a source of life. Her creations are recognizable by the minimalist, amorphous, wild and kind of girlish style. The title of this collection remind us that water is the source of life, which, like fashion never fades, only changing its shape. The collection includes playful art prints used on dresses and tops, which color palette remind us of water, asymmetric dresses with interesting patterns which reminds of the rocks in the water and timeless white jumpsuit and blue pants which are irreplaceable for summer. What I love the most about the collection is its functionality and youthful cuteness. I could easily imagine myself with all the presented pieces. 

The second day of Fashion Weekend Skopje commemorated UNDP's campaign “End violence against women and girls- Now”, for which the two young Macedonian designers Almir Mili and Ivana Cvetkovska designed special edition of t-shirts, inspired by the campaigns slogan. Both designers had interesting performances, Mili with his mini collection called “Tituba” and her models sending the message "I am not an object" and Cvetkovska with her collection “Street style”. Our blog supported this campaign from the very beginning and now we’re giving support by wearing this t-shirts as a reminder for raising our voice to end violence against women and girls. 

The same night, Fashion Weekend Skopje was proud host to the designer Flutura Dedinja from Kosovo, who presented her new collection in front of Macedonian fashion public for the second time. Her collection was made of 15 creations based on draping, with which she experimented from different angles and effects with laser cuts of the materials and leather details on almost every piece.    

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