Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Just wanted to say quick hello to all of you and to take this opportunity to show you the second part of the pictures from Baselworld 2015, the most highly acclaimed event that unites key players from all sectors of the global watch and jewelry industry under one roof. Thanks to my friends from B-watch and Prazno Mesto Photography you can enjoy some of the most eye- catching pieces at the show. Once again, enjoy our recap below and stay tune for more exciting and exclusive posts from upcoming Fashion Weekend Skopje!    

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What I Wear Today

Keep it Simple

This has always been my mantra when it comes to style. Beautifully crafted pieces speak for themselves and they are best when they are left uncomplicated. Revisit the basics – a structured blazer, skinny pants and a perfect cotton tee – and master the art of minimalism. This look wouldn't be complete without this black elegant, but yet, sporty watch and a red hot chic bag. 
Maybe this post was supposed to be called "pairing presents from friends", because all the pieces are birthday presents from my dear friends. And this is just a small gesture to publicly salute and say thank them for the presents. Hope you all like the outcome.  

Today I'm wearing:
Pargo blouse by Katarina Ivanovska foundation (here)
Apanage jacket (in different color here)
Expresso Deacon pants (here)
Parfois bag and scarf 
Bata pumps (old)
Cerruti 1881 watch (B-watch)

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Baselworld is the most highly acclaimed event that unites key players from all sectors of the global watch and jewellery industry under one roof. With 1500 brands exhibiting and over 4000 journalists from all over the world, this superlative event is indispensable platform for this industry. I’m so glad that my friends from B-watch attended this year’s Basleworld 2015, and you can see exclusive pictures from the show on our blog page and B-watch Facebook fan page.   

Being at the heart of whole industry, all the attendees on this annual fair, can feel the pulse, discover the new trends and buy the latest creations from all key players from the world of watches and jewellery. Among the exhibitors at the event are brands like Omega, Breitling, Oris, Tissot, Rolex, Hublot, Movado, Boss, Invicta, Lotus, Casio, Pierre Cardin and my personal favorite Festina. Doesn't it sound very attractive? Well, hear this. 

Beselworld 2015 goes beyond the world of watches and jewellery as it is also the leading global event for diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Ohhh, my! Who doesn't like cream de la cream of diamonds, gemstones and pearls?

Tick- tack... Time is ticking away, It's almost weekend. So have a nice weekend everyone. Enjoy the photos provided by Prazno Mesto Photography.  

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Conscious" Olivia Wild stars in new H&M campaign

As we announced few weeks ago on Urban Vibe’s Facebook page, the Hollywood actress Olivia Wild will star in the new Conscious Exclusive collection of the Swedish brand H&M. As the brand revealed the whole collection on their web site yesterday, we can say that this year’s collection takes inspiration from around the planet, with a focus on the versatility of the dress.  

Each piece in the collection is special, whether it’s the bomber jacket made from a Tencel jacquard, to organic silk tuxedo blazer slashed to the elbow to create more dramatic effect, or the black cocktail dress made from recycled wool, with an African influence in its embellished rows of recycled sequins.

For Conscious Exclusive collections the Swedish brand use more sustainable materials, like hemp, organic linen and organic leather to create pieces of great individual style. H&M’s goal with this collection, as the brand representatives say is: Looking good should do good too. That is the reason why they are presenting more fashion choices that are good for the people, the planet and their wallet.

The collection will be available around 200 H&M stores worldwide on April 16, as well as the brand’s online stores. So ladies, if you want to be ethic, environmentally friendly and to make a global influence, at the same time look chic, this collection is your weapon of choice.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Into the Blue

Happy Monday, everyone! 

Together with my friends, we spent the weekend in Halkidiki, Greece, so I wanted to share a few images from our trip. This time, we didn't stay in our favorite place Nikiti, so instead, we went to a smaller place called Neos Marmaras. 

On the way to Neos Marmaras we had few hour stop in Thessaloniki, which is on my list of favorite towns, first of all for its fascinating spirit, and then, off course, for shopping. Initially we were shopping for my boyfriend, but as it happens often, I can’t seem to go to Mediterranean Cosmos without finding something for myself. Case in point, the cute black and white scuba top I am wearing on one of the pictures is from H&M. Perhaps, I’ll be doing more shopping on our next trip, because this trip wasn't meant for that. 

Sithonia is amazing place, known for sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and of course flavorful Greek cuisine. On this trip, we experienced all of that: we had such a great time walking around the town, dining out and enjoying the sun on the beautiful beaches. Well, my boyfriend had more excitement and more unique experience, because he was diving. He also made some amazing underwater photos. 
We have been to Sithonia so many times, but somehow we always find something new to see and to do. We also have so many photos from the trip, too many to publish in one post, so we made a selection with just few our favorites.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you had an amazing weekend. 
Enjoy the pictures.

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