Few days ago I announced that Urban Vibe is going to be among the few Macedonian fashion blogs who are going to be working on a project with Macedonian designer Irina Tosheva. When she first contacted me for this collaboration I was very happy and thrilled for the invitation, because this is my first collaboration with a Macedonian designer.
I have seen all Irina’s collections and I always liked her designs, but when I met her in person, I discovered that, not just that I like her personality and motivation, way of thinking, but I started to understand the driving energy behind every piece she has made, so far. Her personality is energetic and bold, but at the same time very sophisticated and sweat, just like her designs. She told me something that has been an inspiration for this post: “The pieces from my collections are meant for street style, for urban heroines, for everyday people, not only for special buyers”. I wrapped this around my mind so I made this photo editorial, side by side with my dear friends Ivana and Ivan from Prazno mesto photography.      

I have always liked unique and special pieces of clothing, so when it came to choosing a piece from Irirna’s latest collection “Enchalon”, I knew before she even asked, what I would wear for this post: the white trench that opened her latest s/s 2015 show. I once read that the first piece to every single fashion show must be the most important piece of the whole collection, so that is one of the reasons I choose it for this project.  

Sophisticated, classic and subversively sexy, the trench is one of fashion’s perennial pieces and this season, as we have seen on many well-known designers’ shows, it is even more desirable. Case in point: Irina Tosheva’s white trench, which can be worn as a dress, is a modern and at the same time chic. Its sleeveless silhouette, loose layers and natural textures makes the trench even more desirable. 
Irina executed her vision with a stunning attention to details, making her designs infinitely wearable, regardless of current trends. I made two different combinations with this trench. The first combination is more chic, brave and sexy. Because I’m so in to colors, the white trench had to be combined with burst color dress and a good pair of heels. This kind of fashion piece, like this timeless white trench, can elevate everything in your wardrobe, from denim to go-out pieces.  

And the second combination is following Irina’s words and idea of street style dressing, with casual dress, white t-shirt, and sneakers. I must admit, that this is exactly the same combination that I imagined when I first saw the piece on the runaway. 

What I love the most about Irina’s fashion is that she designs for an independent women and girls, who dress for themselves, not to please others or to be judged. And wearing her clothes makes me feel like looking and feeling good has never been so simple. 

In case you have missed her latest collection, you can visit her new online store Irina Tosheva and treat yourself with a new and unique piece of clothing. 

Today I'm wearing:
Look 1: Irina Tosheva trench (here)
Custom dress 
Mali Nudey shoes (here)
Festina 16642/1 watch (here)

Look 2: Massimo Rebecchi dress (here)
Almir Mali T-shirt
Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers (similar here)
Mona messenger bag (here) 

Look at vibe to look your best!
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