I don’t’ know about you, but my wardrobe heroines are usually rooted in the classics. Pieces I bring out again and again, season after season, with the power to make me feel good, regardless of whether I have gained a little extra curve on my hips. As a statement-classic-piece I would single out jeans. This season a new order of sartorial savior has arrived, the flair jeans. And while they are taking over the fertile fashion ground, I would like to master my old pair of skinny ones, until I update them with a form-flattering jeans. This look pulls together a few of my favorite all-time classic pieces, like my ripped skinny jeans and this light-wear tunic in bold prints. I wear color pieces all year long. People who follow my blog constantly, knows that no matter the weather and the season, bold color pieces will always remain dominant in my closet. 

Though I love clothes, jewelry, bags and different kind of accessories, my main weakness are good pair of shoes. Wouldn't you agree that a good pair of shoes can change everything in terms of creating good styling?! What gets me really excited are the special details. Which brings us to this pair of shoes that I’m wearing in this post. What I love the most about this pair are the yellow elegant heels. But honestly, it’s their nude color that makes them my favorite pair so far. I would be happy to hear from all of you, what do you think about this pair of shoes, and what are your favorite pair that you own?

Today I'm wearing:
Diana Gallesi tunic (here)
LC Waikiki ripped jeans (similar here)
Mali Nudey shoes (here) or you can purchase them from BabetteShoes
Festina chrono bike watch (b-watch store)
Photography by: Prazno-Mesto-Photography   

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