Have you ever thought of your shoes as a way to communicate an idea, an ideal, or an initiative for support? 
Well, now it’s possible to wear statement shoes, through our new partnership with Standfor, a new European shoes brand. We’re so proud to present you Standfor’s first collection with shoes that are more than just footwear. They represent global awareness, an action, and an idea and believe in the power to make the world a better place.  
Standfor shoes are meant for people who walk for a reason, every collection brings a new statement, through a range of unique layouts that unite trendiness and meaningfulness. Called “Smoke Less”, their first collection focuses on global epidemic of smoking and how to turn something that is harmful into something positive. 
The collection is composed of few lines of shoes called: Breathe, Leaf, Fertility, Out, Literal, Passive and you can choose different styles, varying from boots, ankle boots and shoes. 

Lungs are the main inspiration for the “Breathe” line. Healthy lungs means the ability to breathe properly, which will hopefully allow you to enjoy life as the miracle as it is. The shoes’ color is meant to remind us of the sky, open air, and an active prosperous life. 

My personal favorite is the “Leaf” line, inspired by the tobacco leafs. The goal was to emphasize the beauty of tobacco in its natural form opposed to cigarettes. But, the most obvious design is the line “Out”, an inspiration that came from the fact that smoking is uncool, it’s out, so idea is to drop it and stop smoking. Even if you find smoking fashionable, colorfully glamorous, it is something you shouldn't be proud of. 

The main thing that I like about the shoes is their uniqueness, as well as they are so different beginning from the design all the way through the colors and the materials used. 
I have to admit that we at Urban Vibe are so excited, to be among the first to show Standfor shoes collections and to promote this new brand on our blog. We are so happy that Standfor recognized our continuous support for many different campaigns and reached out to us for an exclusive web-shop were you can pre-order the shoes. 

Let’s show the world how we Talk our Walk. 

Get you exclusive pre-order until 3-rd of May:

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