Stylish and striking- to be honest I didn't expect anything less from Rosica Mrsik’s new collection which was shown yesterday on the first official day of Fashion Week Skopje 2015. With lots of asymmetric details, true to her unique style, the pieces were made by light materials in milky white, black, sunny yellow and deep red. On one hand simple, but yet delicate, the collection contains pencil skirts, asymmetric tops, culottes, dresses with geometric cuts and asymmetric ruffles and samurai like short coats. What I love the most about Rosica’s collection is her perfectly tailored pieces and her devotion to details. She always pays special attention to details. For example, the sleeves of the dresses give an impression of a ribbon like form. 

Another characteristic of her collection is that every single piece can be worn in everyday situations. I already made some chic combinations in my head, complementing my work wardrobe as well as my evening wardrobe. Who could resist the white draper like midi dress with black band on the waist?! Or the yellow patterned flattered asymmetric dress?! I know I couldn't. 

I only hope that with her next collections we will see more of this brave approach of hers and a slight departure from her comfort zone.   

The cutest visitors on the show: my friend and colleague Natasha Dukoska and her adorable daughters Majra and Kaja.

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