Inspired by daylight, nature, sunshine, with one thing on my mind: featherweight fabric on the dress that dances along with me, together with every step that I make… elevated with fabulously pattern clutch in burst colors and stand-out heels…

There is something youthful and innocent in these pieces, that makes your soul want to dance all day long. Think about bold, urban silhouettes paired with fashion-forward jewelry. This kind of jewelry will add power to your simple and yet chic combo. The mood is sexy and sophisticated elegance…  

These are pieces that will take you anywhere and everywhere, whether you lift straight from the business meeting, or you are ready for date with your better half. Or maybe you opt for branch with your girlfriends. No matter the occasion, this is your go-to-everywhere combination.   

Today I'm wearing:

Max&co Dress and Bag
Mango Shoes
Roberto Bravo, Global Warming collection by Tesoro

Hair done by: Studio Pretty Woman
Make up by: MAC Cosmetics Skopje

Photography: Jasna Chilimanova Nakova
Styling: MissUrbanVibe

Special thanks to Gabi and Jane who lent us their black beauty in this post. And she is such a model poser. Isn't she?!   

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