There is a very thin line between looking fabulous and being dressed inappropriate, when dressing for a Fashion show. When it comes to the attendees at our Fashion Weekend Skopje, every year we see more and more non inventive outfits. The reason why I am writing this post, is to give advice on how to make better outfits for future Fashion Week Shows.

Personally, I have made some mistakes throughout the years as Fashion Week attendee, and I have learned a lot from those mistakes. Every year I am trying to do my best to learn how to mix and match clothes and how to be unique with my outfits. Everyone wants to dress to impress, and it’s not that easy to put together the best outfit as an attendee for a fashion show.

Let me start with one simple reminder: everything you wear it needs to be FASHIONABLE, more GLAMOROUS than your usual uniform. If you are not sure about this topic, there are lot of fashion magazines and online articles about what’s fashionable for the upcoming season. Make sure you read them regularly and plan your wardrobe before buying something.

My point is: STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONES. It’s Fashion week, put yourselves to the challenge of wearing something you would never wear to the office, or for night out with your friends. Let your IMAGINATION RUN WILD and never be afraid to try out whatever piece of clothing you want. But make sure you STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF, and true to your personal style. Even if you haven’t defined your personal style, you can always COPY AN OUTFIT from your favorite street style star. But if you do copy someone, make sure all the pieces of clothing you wear to fit you properly. NEVER, and I mean never, ever, WEAR CLOTHES THAT DON'T FIT TO YOUR BODY TYPE.

The same goes for clothes not appropriate for your age. Not all the trends and all the clothes are made for every group of age. For example: if you are 25+ you shouldn’t wear crop tops or ballerina kind of dresses and skirts. You will look like an infant, and you won’t be taken seriously. Or if you are over 40 don’t wear sheer top only with bra. It’s not appropriate for your age. Try to keep your intimate parts as appropriate as possible.

I’m not sure why women often think that the inappropriate the look, the better it is. Showing off skin can be chic and sophisticated attempt at looking your best, if done correctly. You want to show off that you are elegant by design, and not inappropriate. So MAKE A GOOD BALANCE of skin and mystery.

Give your outfit more SOPHISTICATED and more appropriate feeling for a Fashion show. It’s really an advantage if you add a FUN AND FUNKY ELEMENT, like STATEMENT SHOES OR PURSE or bling BLING JEWELRY that stands out from the crowd. But newer wear all of them together. Remember, less is more. And more is not always a good thing, especially if you don’t know how to combine these accessories.

Let us all remember: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t layered too many pieces of clothing on you. If you go for a statement dress, try a simple coat or jacket with it. If you wear a statement coat, wear pants and shirt with it, or skirt and a blouse. If you wear statement tights, wear a simple outfit. 
Don’t make everything to stand out at once. Make sure you have one piece that stands out, one piece to steal the show, and the other part of the outfit just to follow its game.

Newer let money to be your excuse for not looking fabulous. It’s not about the expensive outfits, it’s about personal style and imagination. Money can’t buy you a style. Find something that is unique for your self, chic but comfy, wear it like it’s you second skin. And if it’s not tailor made, make it look and feel like it’s made only for you. 
Go for INVESTMENT PIECES that are more versatile for many occasions, pieces that you can combine with more than one piece of clothing in your wardrobe. I call this piece’s shape shifters, pieces that can transform them self’s into any combination, and every time you wear them, they look like a new piece.    

If you stick to the black, make sure to ADD A POP OF COLOR, whether in the form of belt, a hat, a handbag or colorful shoes. Getting in the room full of black outfits, can be bit boring and you wont stand out from the crowd. But you’ll for sure attract attention if you have a lovely kaleidoscope of colors on you.  
It’s fun to experiment with new textures, color and patterns, but this can be very tricky. As I mentioned before, to mix and match different styles and textures, and not look hilarious, is very hard to pull off. If you are not sure what you are doing, take pictures of yourself wearing the outfit. Call your friends and analyze the combination together.  

And the most important thing: before you go out in an outfit, LOOK YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR, and If you even have a slack of doubt or you feel any kind of uncertain feeling about what you see, don’t wear that outfit. Your intuition is never wrong. And trust me, people will notice that you are uncomfortable with what you are wearing.     

Last but not the least: ALWAYS ARRIVE IN TIME. Take your seats before the lights go out and make sure there is no texting or talking, and if you must, make sure you keep it as least as disruptive as possible. Give the show your full attention and that is the best form of respect from an attendee to the designer. ENJOY THE FASHION SHOW, that is why you are there.  

Additional notes on what to avoid:

Leave your tote bag at home. They are office appropriate, they are not for a Fashion show. Besides, they are too big to fit on your chair, along with you.

Nude 30 denier tights are also not appropriate for fashion week. In my opinion tights are always the most important accessory, and you should be careful what kind of tights you’ll wear with your outfit. The darker they are (read 50 denier or more) the better. If the outfit requires you to show some skin, it’s better to wear the outfit without tights altogether.  

Too many trends at once. It’s ok to wear one super trendy piece, but if you wear more trendy pieces in one outfit the attention the the one piece will be diminished.

Matching your purse with your shoes. According to me that’s a no-no.

Your legs will look better if you wear booties or heels with skinny pants, instead of over the knee boots.

If you are not over 1.75 don’t combine short or midi skirt with high boots. It makes your legs smaller. It’s better if you wear heels.   

Forget the saying: messy hair doesn’t care. The hair must be fabulous like your outfit. I suggest avoiding hear extensions.

Always remember to wear your best smile. It’s the best accessory you will ever wear. 

Picture courtesy: fashion.hr

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