As I have mentioned in the previous post, when it comes to dressing for a fashion show, it’s better if you keep your outfit simple, and not to layered too many pieces of clothing on you. Focus on one statement piece that will stand out, and start building your combination around this piece.

The best way to build the outfit is to try few pieces of clothing that you think that are suitable for combining with the statement piece. Then take pictures with every single combination you’ll think off. After that analyze the outfits. The first one that will catch your fashion eye is probably the one that you should focus on.

When you’ll have the win win combination, you should choose your accessories. First start with the shoes, and if it is necessary also choose tights. Next one on the list is belt or hat, then your bag and last but not the least, the jewelry.

And let us all remember: Don’t make everything to stand out at once. Make sure you have one piece that stands out, one piece to steal the show, and the other part of the outfit just to follow its game.

I want you to try my method of combining outfits and tell me what you think. Would this kind of method be suitable for you, too?

Today I'm wearing:
Max&co boots and padded coat (here) and (here)
Marella dress 
Il Benrardo jewelry by Tesoro (here)

Photography: Jasna Chilimanova Nakova
Styling: MissUrbanVibe
Make up: Elena Trajanovska for Kariera Plus

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  2. Crafting a show-stopping outfit for a fashion show demands creativity. Game Can't Play Start with a central piece that resonates with the show's theme, then layer complementary items for depth. Pay attention to colors, textures, and accessories to harmonize the look.


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