If you read my blog on the regular basis, you probably already know how huge fan am I of Avon cosmetics. I was very excited when they invited me to try out Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers,  who comes in two different versions: matte and shine. In each there are 10 different shades and the color range includes some nudes, red, pink and purple. 

The shine versions are good pigmented and shiny, and they have such a good smell. Some shades even smell like fresh berries. The matte versions are very good pigmented, lightweight and they don’t really have some particular smell, like the shine versions. But, both versions last on the lips without making them feel dry. 

What I like the most about this product is its formula and texture, because only with one drop you can cover the whole mouth, its consistent and it’s stays on the lips through the day. Actually the applicator is so cool because its thin, with diamond like shape and you can apply the lacquer in thin and smooth lines. 

My favorite shades are the pink one in matte version like Flushed and TKO. But I also like the red one like Head turner or Irresistible. And If I have to choose the most unique shades it would be Passion it and Love spell. Trust me, they really sound good as their names. 

My last tip for using them: you can also mix them together. Mix lighter shades on the center of the mouth with darker shades (you’ll get some kind of ombre effect), or you can mix dark with dark and light with light shades.  

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