The newest autumn collections from our favorite brands are already in the shops, no matter if it’s still 40 degrees outside. Few autumn trends caught my eye and they are sure to become my best friends as I build up my autumn casual- cool wardrobe.

On the top of my list is a good unique- style leather jacket. I love leather jackets as much as I love wearing coats. I think that a good leather jacket is a timeless investment. That’s why I always choose a biker style leather jacket but with statement details. Just like the one that I’m wearing in this post.

Next on my list is long stripe dress. What can I say, I’m obsessed with stripes and watching Beetlejuice as a kid has nothing to do with it. Well, maybe it did have some influence on my love for two- tone lines.

As for the shoes, I was dressed for going out so I was wearing heels, but if you want to wear this combination to work or during the day on a weekend coffee- talks with your girlfriends, wear it with flats or with some cool sleepers.

Forget about the rules of keeping the accessories to minimum. Take a statement clutch and make sure that your jewelry is unique, because earrings and rings require just as much thought as your bag and boots this season.

Today I'm wearing:

Marella outfit by Magnetik group
Tesoro diamond rings
Roberto Bravo earrings by Tesoro

Styling: MissUrbanVibe

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