The look of effortless elegance always surrounds fashion icons whose style we desire. Todays outfit is my way of portraying a Lady look-a-like, fashion icon style. I love the dress that I'm wearing in this post because it has a perfect fit, it's girlish but at the same time breathes a dose of elegant and sexy feeling. 

And the core of the icon style is gold jewelry. And don't limit yourself with just earrings or just a neckless, layer your gold in heroic quantities.   

And no matter what time zone you're in, or which city you live in- these pieces and this style are timeless.  

Today I'm Wearing:

Marella Moment Dress (here)
Marella Zerta Boots (here)
Tesoro jewelry (here)

Photography: Jasna Chilimanova Nakova
Styling: MissUrbanVibe

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