This is a time to shine. 

equins, sparkles and metallic materials are often connected to party dressing. But if we step out of that party moment, the question is can we actually wear this high-octane pieces in every day situations? Well, my answer is: of course we can. Day or night. Think about Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira in Scarface. No one can pull shine mantra like Michelle, but everyone can try to recreate her look, not just with the right choice of clothes but also with the attitude. Sexy, wild, seductive. Think 70’s inspired chic, disco, and little bit rock’n’roll combination. And you’ll have a perfect fashion shine treasure.

And the most important part: the bling bling statement accessories. The greatest selling point is their versatility, weather you opt for some drop earrings, necklace with pendant or statement ring. But don’t limit yourself on just one piece, combine them all together. From the moment you throw them on, you will instantly look polished. And last but not the least, the flesh-baring straps. These heels may not be for walking, but they were definitely made for seducing.  

Today I'm wearing:

Weekend Max Mara outfit (here)
Marella sandals (here)
Il Bernardo jewelry by Tesoro (here)

Photographed by: Jasna Chilimanova
Make up: Simona Saveska for Kariera Plus
Hair: Lena Jasari for Kariera Plus
Styling by: MissUrbanVibe

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