The Cannes film festival may be over, but people will continue talking about Cannes red carpet fashion. There is something unique and special about the red carpet fashion at Cannes. Personally I love the Oscars fashion, but for me Cannes is more grand and fabulous, more sophisticated and more chic, special and memorable. Lets not forget to mention the ultra glamorous setting on the French Riviera. If I have to describe the feeling with one word: fabulous.

The French festival is also the proud custodian of the European cinematic tradition, having a long tradition for formal dress code. Cannes officials will deny entry to those who violate this dress code. But, my opinion is that: rules are meant to be broken. Wright?

On the other hand, despite the formality, Cannes is place where all the participants can take a fashion risk and be less worried to have their name placed on the “worst dressed list”. Cannes is also an event where everyone wears most unique and the most gorgeous jewelry in the world.

Taking risks was my starting point when I made this Cannes inspired outfit. I was thinking: different, more experimental, with sharp attitudes of the outfit. In addition to that, I selected statement glamorous jewelry, like this Butterfly monarchy necklace, by Tesoro.

Today I'm wearing: 

Joseph Ribcoff dress 
Roberto Bravo "Butterfly Monarchy" collection by Tesoro

Photography by Jasna Chilimanova
Styling by MissUrbanVibe
Make up by Pepika Atelier

Location: Park Hotel and Spa (Executive suit)

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