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Office chic

Color is optimistic, it’s bright and beautiful. It turns heads and even brighten people’s mood. Luckily I love colors and prints so I don’t have a problem to wear colors that literary scream, even to work. And today I was inspired by my colleague blogger, Aleksandra Spaseska from the blog Aleksandrina Vezilka and her latest article: “Refresh your office wardrobe”.  In the article she wrote: “Don’t be afraid of bright colors and prints. Refresh your office look, even if your work is more conservative. The classic suit can be white or red instead of the standard grey and black, you can even wear midi- dress in fresh green, yellow or dress with geometric print. However, do not overdo it, one striking piece is quite enough.” (you can read the full article on: pixel.mk)

I followed her advice and this combination is the result of it. Hope you like it. Tell me what you think. Would you wear this kind of combination to work? 

Today I'm wearing:
Madeleine peplum blouse 
Weekend Max Mara slim jacquard cigarette trousers
Custom blazer
Bata pumps
Make up by Avon
Special thanks to my Ann for this beautiful makeup.

Look at vibe to look your best!

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