Birthday Candy Saga

“With age you start to know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses, and confidence comes from being comfortable with what you are” - I don’t remember where I've read this, and from today’s perspective I can proudly say - it’s true. I’m using the word proudly, because knowing your self is the most important thing when it comes to defining ourselves as a complete person. And if you ask me, all of us have to work hard to get to know ourselves as much as possible every day of our lives. Don’t mind me for being sentimental, it’s my birthday today.   

Saying this, today’s post is dedicated to an outfit that defines my style and personality. At least from my point of view. Color shy? I don’t think so! I’m color person - vibrant hue from head to toes. Retro prints, pastels and 60s and 70s style tailoring; I can wear them 24/7. Dreamy romance, girlish graphics, longevity and freshness, fairy tale inspired looks. Yes please! 

Today I was experimenting with candy color clashes, adding sunshine vitamins to beat the winter blues. This retro print pants are my new favorite uniform, along with this amazing crop-top. I have a feeling, you are going to see them more on the blog, in different combinations. To be honest, I was against crop-tops until I tried this one. Besides that, it has my favorite stripes and colors.  

Paired with this cross handbag for a complete retro blush look, the only thing that doesn't fit the total blush profile is this gorgeous Festina watch. This sport, men inspired watch, is always bound to seduce. I wouldn't be Miss E if something didn't out-stand and break the style rules. As Gianni Versace ones said: “If you’re not outrageous you’re not paying attention.” And I salute to that.

Today I was wearing:
Massimo Rebecci, tottal look (Spring 2015 collection) (here)
Bata blush pumps (now on sale)
Festina 16668 2 watch (B-watch) 
Parfois cross handbag (similar here)
Ray ban aviators (in different color here)

Look at vibe to look your best!

… E    


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