The Swedish clothing company this season offers fresh variants of spring classic clothes, where the feminine silhouette is combined with exiting contrasts as shown on simple tops with thin spaghetti straps. Coats and jackets have over-sized look and the color palette is complemented with new, bright mustard yellow. This season trousers are made of lightweight flattered fabrics, giving your legs visually lengthen look. Pants are at the same time comfortable and elegant.  Tops are essential, funky companions to trousers, jeans and skirts this spring.   


Narrow shape defines the Look of this season. That’s why H&M offers playful, skater- inspired rock skirts and crop tops. The timeless tuxedo jacket is in the game again in bright and fresh version. The black bag and the metal belt are essential accessories that make a statement itself. You can combine them with everything. Squares, circles and graphics are the core elements for the prints of the season. And this spring’s modern key pieces are supplemented with animal prints in a neutral color palette that can be easily combined and is always up to date. I can hardly wait to have them in my wardrobe. What about you?! 

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