My friend Alexander noticed that I’m focusing a lot on girl’s fashion on my blog and I don’t write anything about men’s fashion. He made a challenge for me, to write about how to make a first impression to new business colleagues. So Alex this one goes for you.   

Dressing right for work is tough one. Choosing your workday attire can be tricky; if you go overboard, you risk looking like a suck-up, but if you under-dress your boss won’t take you seriously. You have to remember something important: you’re dressing for the position you want, not the one you currently hold. And while you’re at it, don’t be in such a hurry to wear the Hawaiian-flowered shirt on casual Fridays. 

Everyone needs a good business suit and there is no room for mistakes. Buying a good suit is the most important factor when it comes to building a men's wardrobe. You have to look and wear it like you would scare a man from Wall-Street. Your sense of style, degree of personal swagger and your accessories will make a difference, but the most important aspect of the look is how the suit fits you. Trends in men’s suits include sharp lines, close tailoring and shorter hems. The blazer and the pants must be perfectly tailored if you want to look sophisticated, and be taken seriously as a businessmen. Blazer, pants and shirt have to be your size- not too small, not too big, just perfect fit for you. If you don't know how to match prints and materials, always ask the salesman for help.The more you weight the material should be lighter, because heavier material makes you look fat. 

It may sound funny, but buttons and pockets are the most important elements of good suit. They just have to be perfect and operable. If they are decorative, people will focus on them instead of the good tailored suit. That's why you should always examine the buttons. About the pockets: if the pockets are not stitched good, stay away from that suit. The last thing is your a smile. A good smile always pairs with good tailored suit. 

Choosing the right shirt and tie is your opportunity to play with color. Since your suit is a neutral color, it means that it’ll match with pretty much any shirt color as long as the hues are of the same tone. For example, don’t wear a bright green shirt with your dark, grey suit; instead opt for soft pink or powder blue. And if you don't know how to mix your shirt, wear a white one, it will match with everything.
Wear your suit with a high quality belt, shoe and watch. Wear good socks that match the pants in color. If you're feeling brave, wear patterned socks, but only if the other parts of your suit are conservative in color and style. If you choose to wear boots they have to be with a slim sol and an elegant shape.
The last but not the least is a good mood. No one wants a grumpy colleague in the office. So, be good and polite to all people and always put a smile upon your face.  

As an alternative to the jacket, try layering a sweater over a shirt and tie. It's still office-appropriate, but it gives you more options during the work week.

Changing your look can really change your life. As I once read somewhere: "Timeless garments should always measure high on your style barometer because, premium clothing- like prime real estate- will always be in demand".  

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