ROSICA MRSHIK THE NEW FASHION AMBASADOR FOR AVON- Unique Fusion of Creativity and Refinenment.

My favorite Macedonian fashion designer Rosica Mrshik became an exclusive beauty adviser for the American cosmetics company AVON. In the following six months the name and signature of the successful designer will appear in the brochures of the company. Rosica's recommendations for AVON's selected pieces of fashion accessories will be included in the print and electronic editions of the company. The fashion designer will advise consumers for AVON recent trends and current seasons. These recommendations are expected to describe the products and give personal advice on their use, purpose, ability to interpret fashion.  
In the past few years AVON cooperated with world's famous celebrities for more attractive promotion of their products. Let us remember the beautiful fragrances from Christian Lacroix, Fergie, Patrick Dempsey, Jon Bon Jovi, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Courtney Cox and many more, and my personal favorite collaboration with Jillian Dempsey. I adored (well more like addicted) her corrector pallet, eyeliners and mascara.   
This cooperation with AVON Macedonia and famous Macedonian designers is a great opportunity to connect local designers with important international beauty company.  


Look at vibe at look your best!
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