There’s a bit of bag in all of us

Love between women and handbags are an integral part, and the most important accessory every woman will choose with care. That’s why Bag with a designer signature is difficult to replace some no name piece. They look powerful and perfectly complement and raise all the fashion combinations

When I first saw this Mona bag I was blown up by its simplicity and elegance and at the same time unconventional chic. I both the brown one because I can wear it with everything from skirts, pants, jeans, heels, wedges… it gives you so much opportunity for combinations. Besides that the smell of a new bag- priceless. I can’t wait to see new collection. I’ll make sure to have another masterpiece in my wardrobe.

Look at vibe to look your best!



  1. practical shoppers, love 'em!
    let's follow each other?


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