Shake the bottle, Take the Crown

Vacations and free time do make people happy. That’s why I’m so excited when I’m traveling, especially when the reasons is Robbie Williams’s concert in Zagreb. When I first heard the news I was so excited because Robbie is one of my favorite entertainers in the world. Although Maximir stadium was floating in water, because it started raining just before the concert, that didn’t encourage me and my friends from having fun till our knees dropped. Our favorite fatso literary dropped himself from the sky on the stage and in the next two hours he took us on a journey through his musical decades, dancing, singing and having fun at the same time. But that was just a basic part of his show.

 Robbie imitated Beyonce, Oasis, Elvis, laughed with us and used all available tricks that anyone can imagine, and of course, immensely enjoyed himself and he transferred this energy to the audiences. At the stage was going really superb show, state of art effects, different 3D projections for the songs, with Robbie making silly faces, we were singing hits like Let me entertain you, Millennium, Supreme, Rock DJ, Love light, Candy, Me and my monkey, Feel, Angels, She’s the one… he demonstrated that he’s a top entertainer who can communicate with tens of thousands of people. And that’s how We Took the Crown.

Taking the positive memories with us after Robbie’s concert and two excellent days spent in Zagreb with our friends, we took off for Bol. It was loooong way baby…
Early in the morning we finally arrived to our destination, but it was so dark we couldn’t see anything except all those little lights from the local houses.
Then came the morning coffee at the terrace of our room and the view was amazing- crystal blue sea, small fishing boats, lot’s of private yachts, beautiful villas with traditional yards with lot’s of threes and flowers, narrow labyrinthine streets, perfect climate and state of mind sunrise. It was all set up for a nice vacation- Welcome to Bol.  (End of part I)

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