Let the beauty we love be what we do

Fashion has always been my divine obsession. I love its utility and ability to transform. Fashion is art that we wear every day and live our lives in. I see it everywhere around me. The beauty of that is that through clothing we have the opportunity to express a part of ourselves and our personalities. I love beautiful and functional design of all types whether it be fashion, architecture, household, food or furniture. Everything that we wear or use generally has a function and I love beautiful things that are useful.
So, wear what you love and dress to suit who you are. Fashion is a chance to share the beauty you love with the world just by wearing it in your every day life. Let the beauty we love be what we do!

I welcome you all to join me in this obsession and I hope I'll inspire positive vibes. 

Look at vibe to look your best!


  1. Love the post! :)

    Do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

    xx from


    1. I'm always open for new fashion friendships :)
      Thank you Natalia. I also like your blog.


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