Oh, how I wish I could shut up like a telescope! I think I could, if only I knew how to begin. For, you see, so many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.

Newer imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.

When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one! 

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.  

Today I'm wearing:

Marella dress (here)
Pinko bag (here)
Il Bernardo jewelry by Tesoro Skopje

Photography: Jasna Chilimanova Nakova
Styling: MissUrbanVibe

Look at Vibe to look Your best


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