It’s that time of the year again… Oh wait, I am not going to start this article with this cliché.

Let’s start over.

The holidays are approaching at a speed of light, and you probably have dozens of recipients on your holiday gift list. Finding the perfect gift can be little bit stressful, so we have teamed up with our partners to give you inspiration before you venture into buying those perfect gifts.

Set of nightclothes

Is there a greater gift than the gift associated with sleeping? In my opinion there isn’t. Nice set of sleeping pajamas for guys or a nightgown for girls. Whether we admit it or not, we all sometimes like to stay in, relax in our cozy home environment, and wear pajamas all day long if we can. 

And since it’s Christmas, choose nightclothes in the holidays spirit: think red, blue, check and white snow, Rudolf and Santa. That way you will make their presents and holidays season more special.

Let’s move on to lingerie

In my opinion buying lingerie is very intimate thing, so I would recommend this gift only for your partners. Opt for more holiday inspired lingerie (like these panties with make a wish print). If your partner is not that much into holidays, make a statement with more exclusive set of lingerie.

Think classic, lace bras, satin slips, bodysuits and lace panties with nice festive details for women.

And for men, have in mind premium materials underwear. Underwear is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, so don’t save money on quality underwear.

The good old jewelry

There is a jaw - dropping piece of jewelry for everyone, whether they have classic taste or they love unique and bolder accessories. You should go for pieces that embrace the independent spirit of the woman or the man who wears it. This is a present for which you really have to give it your best to choose the right piece.

Why? Because you really have to know the person that you are choosing this present for, and make them really happy when they see it.

Begin with choosing a gift that will make an emotional connection with the receiver. Purchase a gift that will be appreciated a decade from now. The best place to go is a specialized jewelry store. You will find many gift ideas in these stores and the sales person can assist you with the best quality pieces that suits a certain personality. Stand out from the crowd and spread a little sparkle. And never underestimate the power of statement jewelry.  


With that in mind we recommend:

For women: Earrings, necklaces or a bracelet. You have to know if the receiver wears the exact piece of jewelry you want to give them as a present. If they don’t wear earrings don’t buy earrings. If you know that they always have shiny little thing on their neck – definitely got for necklace.

For men: Watch or band. Make the gift special by purchasing the watch that he wanted for years. Or check his wardrobe and buy him a standout watch that goes with his work wardrobe, or sports watch if he’s into a specific type of sport.

Restock hers / his beauty cosmetics

Make up brushes from her wish list or her favorite make up palette in the season’s brightest and boldest colors. His favorite shaving set, facial toner or hydrating facial cream. To keep his or her skin fresh and elastic make sure you buy him or her a nice cosmetic set.

If you want some extra points, purchase their favorite fragrance, or surprise them with a new scent. Go for a feminine or seductive perfume. 

We hope you like our suggestions and we inspired you to go out and find those perfect gifts for those special people in your life.  

From all of us to you, happy shopping. Let the holidays fun begin!

Few useful tips

Whether you are shopping for your significant other, family, best friend or colleague, remember to give people gifts that they want. People tend to appreciate getting things that they specifically mentioned to you and gifts that reflect their own interests and hobbies.

Give gifts that will last. People usually prefer presents they can use for months and years to come.  

Big bows and fancy wrapping paper is a must have when it come to presents. Attractive wrapping can enhance the experience and the gift mood of the receiver. Amazing gift wrapping and decoration really makes the whole experience of the gift giving much more enjoyable for everyone.

Pick a greeting card and personalize it with your own message. Or even better, designed your own customized greeting card. The card will give another dimension to your gift, as well as make the receiver feel special, by telling them how much you care about them.


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