The main key to any successful outfit lies in the details. From mini and eye-catching finishes to the bags, to art deco inspired bijoux, like the one that I am wearing in this post, you should find your own statement piece that will revolutionize your wardrobe. And this is the season of the cult accessory and spring that brings new angles to accessorizing.

Since I am always in constant look out for a certain essential items to complete my wardrobe, little messenger bag was on the top of my list. I was very happy when I found this mini red bag that I matched with my beautiful ankle- wrap bohemian sandals. This is not the first time to start building my look from the accessories, witch I find more interesting and amusing than the reverse way: choose wardrobe than accessories. The game was over when I decided to match my sandals and bag with skinny jeans and this white oversize shirt.        

And the white shirt strikes again, proving that its versatility knows no boundaries. And you probably ask yourself: What is the beauty of this look? Well, for start, the shirt with its masculine overtones and macramé details that is so classic, but yet so chic and unconventional with its puff sleeves, so you don’t have to worry that the overall effect will be over the top. Second: the eye- catching accessories, these gorgeous shoes with tassels and last: everything about this look! I probably sound a little obsessed, but I get really excited about good fashion combo.   

Today I'm wearing:

Weekend Max Mara Oxford shirt (here)
Marella Torn jeans (here) 
Marella Suede sandals (here)
Parfois Joker Cross bag (here)
Parfois Bird Flower Long neckless (here)
Parfois Country Road bracelet set (here)

Photos taken and edit by: Dimitar Atanasov
Styled by: MissUrbanVibe
Location: Think furniture
This post is in collaboration with: Fashion Group & Magnetik Group

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