It’s exhausting to be a woman in the 21st century- said Salma Hayek in an interview.  And I must say, I agree with her. I don’t know her reasons for saying this, but my reasons are the subject of discussion in this post.

Everyday commitments like going to work, coffee with friends, lunch with your potential boyfriend, night out require to be dressed appropriately. And not only appropriate, but you must look stunning everywhere you go. Everyone is expecting that from you, even you are expecting that from yourself. By that I mean not only to be dressed well, but to have appropriate shoes, matched with good accessories, well arranged hair, manicure and pedicure done…. And this list can go on and on. 

And since women are paying more attention to clothes than most men, and off course we have a desire for new things and we’re getting bored with the old ones just within a few days, it takes lot of nerves and investment to reinvent your wardrobe. What is on every woman’s mind, before they get out of their home every single day? What should I wear?! And the problems begin. What we do next is panic- we try everything in your closet and throw most of clothes on the floor, disgusted and unsatisfied of the things we own. Sounds familiar? 

Don’t worry, you are not the only one doing this. I used to do this for quite a long time, every single day, but I have learned to mix and matched my clothes, and I am trying to reinvent my clothes every day. Not that I don’t panic any more, about what to wear, but it’s not that often anymore. I have learned few things following and reading fashion columns from my style heroines, so I will try, briefly to pass them on to you.  

From today’s perspective, when I am buying clothes I am trying to imagine the piece matched with many more combinations that I already own. And trust me, this works quite well. Throughout the years I have learned to buy and wear passable clothes, pieces that don’t require much effort to combine. The only thing I don’t follow and I always wanted to learn how to implement in my fashion mind is: less is more. But that’s another story to tell. 

Other thing that can help is to redefine your personal style from time to time. Rediscover and build up your own style. You can do this by doing mood boards or you can get inspiration from other bloggers, style icons or everyday people you have contact with, and you admire their style. But remember, always and I mean always dress for your age. 

And last, develop your styling skills and keep practicing. Create as many different outfits that you can with your current wardrobe. Experiment, try new things, match even the unmatchable- maybe you will learn a new fashion rule to break. And we got to the point how I choose this outfit, by breaking a color and pattern rules. Good coat is a lifetime investment so I don’t save money when it comes to buying one. And this coat is reversible so it’s double win for me. And the dress, I’m kind of obsessed with this kind of dry leaves color and mod pattern. The earth tone shoes and green bag just complement the overall impression of a perfect combined outfit.    

And I have to admit- it’s not that exhausting at all. What’s your opinion about this subject? Tell us in the comment section, I would like to hear your story too. 

Today I'm wearing:

Complete Max&Co outfit:
PANFILO pattern jacquard dress (here)
CAIRO reversible coat (here)
ACCETTO sandals (here)
ABITANTE tote bag (here)

Casio watch from B-watch

Photos taken and edit by: Prazno mesto photography 
Styling by: Miss E

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