It’s that time of the year again- back to school season. It’s season of fresh start, new opportunities where you can learn new skills and knowledge. I remember my excitement for the first day at school and that rush of new beginnings. I know, it was long time ago, but yet, I still have that same old feeling every fall. I know how hard was for me to pick out an ensemble for this first day of school making it insanely intimidating. I had a mission to make my first look to reflect my personal style, to look smart and polished, but at the same time not look as I was trying too hard, and not to be overdressed. Since my personal style was evolving throughout the years, I was very different every single year. Celebrating that memory I have done my homework and from today’s perspective and my current style I have made today’s school-inspired look.

For all of you in that non-school-age, don’t you miss this feeling? Wouldn’t you agree it’s fun to do this again, but this time instead of first day of school, for first autumn day on work? Well, I have done that too, but you will have to wait till the next post to see the whole outfit.

Today I'm wearing:

Whole Penny Black outfit:
Reversible duvet jacket (here)
Scuba skirt (here)
Denim shirt (similar here)
Patent shoes (here)
Esprit watch-new collection available in B-watch stores(here)

Look at vibe to look Your best


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