Fashion has always been a great medium when it comes to raising awareness for greater socially responsible actions. And we have to admit that, maybe it is the best way to get to the people and make them to open their minds to help solving a part of some socially responsible problem. When it comes to this, our blog has supported many CSR actions throughout these two years.  

The action “Strong bags for strong social change” was no exception. The action was organized by the magazine “Face to face” in collaboration with our favorite Macedonian fashion designer Irina Tosheva and the company “Knauf”. The goal was to make urban fashion bags derived from recycled bags of gypsum granted from the company Knauf. Afterward few Macedonian conceptual artists made new energy to the designed bags with their personal graphics. There were 20 unique designs from 10 artists such as: Flim, In Dog, Em Ellephantski, Ruki Cuki, Omajgad, The Micho and few others.The recycled bags were made to raise social awareness for marginalized groups in our country. 

The best thing about this action is that group of youths from the daily center “Shuto Orizari” also were engaged in the project, so they had a chance to work as a fashion designers and gained knowledge and techniques in the field of tailoring, sewing and design. This is a great way to include this kind of marginalized groups in a project for developing their talents in practical purposes, and simultaneously give new life to the old plaster bags with their transformation in urban fashion pieces. Everything was sold out in less than 30 minutes. 

A changed approach to the way we understand the marginalized groups can lead to many change in our society. We can either choose to simply nudge it along here and there, or, by understand the pervasive impact of social context on this marginalized groups, we can choose to be catalyst of tomorrow’s promises.  
But as we once said we have to act today, not tomorrow, not next month but today and change our mind sets. Only together we can change the organizational structures on our government, social sectors and NGO’s. 

And as you might guess, Urban Vibe was one among the 20 luckiest visitors to have one unique piece in her wardrobe. The design of this state of art piece is from Em Ellephantski. I can’t wait to make few combinations with the bag and show you the result.   
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