Hello everyone! How is your week doing so far?

I don’t know if it is this transitional season or it is my style that is changing, but I have never, ever in my life, bought same prints for different clothes. But since I’m a color kind of person, I really liked the green color combined with the flower prints on these pants, which have the same print like my dress (the one that I was wearing on the previous post). 
Well, they say: there is first time for everything. So it is first time for me to do this, and to be honest, it wasn’t a bad thing after all. Maybe I will practice this in the future with prints and colors that I like. 
What do you think? Is this a good thing to do, or we should avoid buying same print clothes? I really appreciate your opinion, so tell me what you think.  

Welcome to my cutesy collaborator Ivana, I couldn't resist her amazing casual style, so her pictures were "must publish" on the blog.   

Today I'm Wearing:

Lola&Liza pants (here)
Basler Sevilla shirt (now on sale)
Biba shoes purchased from (Babette shoes)
Mango sunglasses (here)
Esprit watch purchased from (B-watch) 

Hair done till perfection: Bube Studio In
Stylist: Ivana Trajcev

Look at Vibe to look your best


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