I've always been a fan of street styling. Fan of incorporating street style pieces in famous brand collections. Everyday I was practicing my street style rule: always look different from the others, be outstanding in what you combine. But looking at this spring/summer street style inspired shoes I really can't get the whole idea behind them. The manufacturers call them sporty sandals. For me, and many others I hope, they are not sandals but slippers or house shoes, which some people wear them in summer, on beach, or at home (to be honest I wouldn't wear them at all)... not on the streets, not when you're dressed up, not for work. I don't see what is so cool and trendy about them. They're not feminine, they are not sexy, they don't look good with most of the wardrobe, they make your leg shorter- so why should we wear them? 

OK, yes, some might say: "they are comfortable"- but that's not a reasonable reason to wear them. I am surprised how bloggers and street style heroines think they're amazing and they seems to like them. We have seen many pairs of sporty sandals on best dressed lists on the Fashion weeks in Paris, London and Milan. But I really don't understand the whole picture. 

I personally would newer go out in them in public. Besides that, I work in marketing agency, so my work does require more serious approach to fashion outfits. Yes, most of the time I play with different styles which are not conservative, but at the end of the day I still look appropriate for meetings with clients. I can't even imagine how strange would I look if I dress up like Alessandra Ambrosio in that beautiful blue suit and wear those masculine black sleepers. Well, for start- funny, I guess. Or maybe people would think that I forgot to dress my shoes in the morning :) Beside that, far too many stylish ensembles are ruined by the wrong pair of shoes. And for me, this shoes are one of them, so I'll stick around with my hells, ballerinas, wedges and evenmy sneakers.   
Well, that's my opinion, what's your? Do you like this trend?

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