ITEM OF DESIRE: Aero Volume Mascara and Absolute Lipstick from AVON

For a long time the American cosmetic giant AVON  is fulfilling the expectations and needs of women worldwide. In their portfolio they offer a wide selection of decorative cosmetics, innovative formulas and fashionable colors which gives amazing effects, so every woman can find something for her selves. In a recent post I wrote how much I adore and how much I like to use AVON cosmetics. There's no exception with their new revolutionary lipstick collection. Absolute Lipstick, as it's called, provides beautiful color and multipurpose formulas for advanced nourishing of the lips, and it doesn't work just as lipstick. It contains vitamins E and C, factor 15 and collagen, which protect and hydrate lips just as same as lip balm. With its innovative True Color technology, containing self renewable pigments, it guarantees a long lasting make-up. 
This versatile lipstick provides intense colors that are available in 20 different shades, so everyone can find their own perfect color for their lips. They're also not expensive so everyone can afford to buy and try more colors, which in great. 

The same goes for their new mascara Aero volume. Considering the fact that 75% of all purchased mascaras are greater volume mascara, the difference with AVON's mascara is that the company created a unique airy weightlessness formula that coats each individual flashes of light volume. With the help of this technology, lashes look natural and remain elevated for hours. The traditional mascara's have spherical fibers that are tough and old formulas for volume have heavy structure that stumped the eyelashes. But in the new Aero Volume Mascara is used revolutionary "Zero Gravity" technology inspired by the space, containing the so-called "pillow complex" of empty fibers that do not weigh volume. Simultaneously, Aero Volume mascara has a unique star shaped brush which vertical lifts the lashes and evenly distributes the mascara. 
I hardly wait to try them. 
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