Black, chic, play- safe... just when you think it can't get better design, you fall in love with another black dress from Rosica Mrsik latest collection. There is something about this dress: elegant- meets- edgy- pleated skirt like, in the down part and the upper part gives you feeling like you are wearing shirt (with a skirt). This two layer dress is so feminine and yet so cool and with so fresh cut. 

The perfect way to add more cool factor to this design is the fold part on the back, which gives you almost open back like illusion. That makes it more interesting to wear.  

Accessories are everything here. Complete the look with an outstanding pieces like this necklace, earings and ring from Roberto Bravo's "Le Grand Bleu" collection. 

Then go and dance the night away... just like I did, when I was wearing this gorgeous dress. 

Today I'm wearing:

Rosica Mrsik dress (Diva collection)
Bata pumps (old)
Roberto Bravo jewelry by Tesoro

Photography: Jasna Chilimanova Nakova
Styling by: MissUrbanVibe
Make up: MAC Cosmetics Skopje
Location: The Loft 

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