I don’t know about you, but the minute the weather gets chilly, I like to dress myself as comfortable as possible. As much as I love going out with my friends, or going out for a shopping, there is a lot to be said about the healing effects of a quiet evening in. Same goes for quiet early mornings among the cozy comforts of my home.

There is no better season than Autumn to achieve this kind of coziness. Think about relaxing by the fireplace and indulging in tasty treats. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can recondition your living room to have the same feeling. It’s one of the best ways to make the most out of this glorious season.

The key to effortless fall coziness is to use versatile elements that can easily match with your existing decor and to choose right kind of clothes. Now you’re thinking: TELL US MORE ABOUT THE REDECORATING… (Please not now, I’m in my pajamas, trying to catch the cozy mood).

Speaking about clothes, for this occasion the best is to wear cozy pajamas. Finally, I get to write about my favorite pieces of clothing. There is nothing more satisfying then buying good pajamas. Now you want to say: WRITE MORE ABOUT THE PAJAMAS… (Hey, I finally got the mood. Beside that, I can easily write another story in a few days. I promise I will).

Let’s get back to the point of this story.

If you add a soft blanket, with the right kind of cozy pajamas made for snuggling, glass of vine or warm cup of coffee, book with a bedtime story, with the right mindset, you will be on the way to create your ultimate autumn heaven.

Now, who wants a pumpkin spiced latte? I know I do!    

Today I'm wearing:
Bonatti Fiore sleepwear and sleepers 

Photography: Maja Simovska
Styling: MissUrbanVibe
Location: Think furniture store 

Look at Vibe to look Your best


  1. Woah, these slippers are so cozy and yet the most stylish one. They can really keep us warm no doubt and I will love to buy them real soon.


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