The inspiration behind this post is my inclination toward Grace Burgess, the lead woman character in Peaky Blinders series. I immediately fell in love with her personality since her first appearance in this criminal gang drama, which takes place in Birmingham in 19-Th and early 20-Th. century. Who can be immune to her golden hair, gorgeous blue eyes, Snow White skin tone and perfect body line. 

In the age when women weren’t that much respected and didn’t have their own rights, she was strong, dynamic, complex, polish, fearless and smart and brave enough to deal herself with a gang’s world. What impress me the most, is the fact that she was true to herself.      

And her style is a story by itself. As the series developed from season to season, Grace’s style have evolved along with it. She surely became my style heroine. 

Let's get back to my story. Getting all the pieces together for the whole editorial, it meant traveling back to 1920-s, styling cocktail dress with gold sandals, curling my long bob and choosing right jewelry. Well, you will want to shine bright like a diamond, if you are Thomas Shelby’s girlfriend.  

The finishing touch: finding appropriate place. In this case, we wouldn’t pick any other place than Speakeasy cocktail bar. Its ambient and art- deco interior feels like you’re living and breathing the 1920-s.  

"Oh, and there's a woman. Yeah. And I got close" 

Today I'm wearing: 

Marella Tulle dress (here)
Marella Laminated sandals (here) 
Il Bernardo jewelry by Tesoro

Location: Speakeasy cocktail bar
Photographed by: Jasna Chilimanova
Styling by: MissUrbanVibe
Make up by: Simona Saveska for Kariera Plus
Hair by: Lena Jasari for Kariera Plus

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