Few days ago, I came across this photos that I made in Nikiti, Greece, on my birthday, and I realize that I didn’t share all of them with you. These photos are result of collaboration with my favorite Macedonian fashion designer Rosica Mrsik, for her latest collection inspired by Edgar Allan Po’s poem, The Raven. 

And while I’m looking forward to Rosica’s new collection, called Iris, I decided to share these photos with you, as a quick reminder how gorgeous are all her garments. 
All the pieces are now on sale, and you can purchase them on Rosica’s online web shop rosica-mrsik.     

In this post I'm wearing Rosica Mrsik outfits (all the pieces are now on sale):

Look 1:
Rosica Mrsik Coated jacket (here)
Rosica Mrsik Tie top (here)
Rosica Mrsik Raven skirt (here)
Denouee over-the-knee boots (here)

Look 2:
Rosica Mrsik Wool skirt (here)
Rosica Mrsik Tie top (here)
Rosica Mrsik fur
Mona shoulder bag (here)
Denouee over-the-knee boots (here)

Pictures taken in Nikiti, Greece.

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