The thought of “inspiration” is a wild thing to comprehend. What inspires one person may go unnoticed by another. I’m always interested to find out where and how people find their inspiration. Some might say they find it in other people, some might say they find it in art or nature, the list can go on and on. I think the best place to find true inspiration is inside yourself. To be inspired by something or somebody, first you must learn to be inspired by yourself.  

You are the first person to share your own stories with, you are your best friend, you are the best place to find comfort, you are the best person to help yourself with your problems and you can lift yourself up to any heights you aspire to. 

To do this, you must learn to respect yourself, to love yourself, and you can’t let others humiliate you or make you uncomfortable with yourself. No one, and I mean no one deserves to be mistreated, with physical or any kind of violence. You deserve better. You are the best starting point towards change.  

So, next time you see yourself in the mirror, be proud and strong and say YOU are my inspiration! YOU deserve better! I will make YOU better! Because, YOU deserve better!

Today Avon donated 10.000 $ to support the fight against domestic violence. You can join your forces with them by purchasing one of the bracelets that I'm wearing in this post. All the incomes from the sale will be directed to Avon's found against the domestic violence. 

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