What is there to say about dressing like a 007 agent and not to be wrong, except he wears the most enviable wardrobe of all time. It’s a fact that he is very stylish gentleman. Whether he is driving his Aston Martin, or he is in the desert, under the water, in a casino or in a fight, James Bond’s wardrobe is always flawless. For me, Bond’s style has always been a perfect lesson in dressing. This is what I have learned from James Bond’s styling:

Always wear clothes that perfectly fit your body 
In Bond’s case we are talking suits. They have to fit him like a second skin, because he lives in suits. No matter where he goes, he is always dressed up in a good suit. So always invest in a good suit. If you don’t wear suits, a good pair of pants and perfectly fitted blazer, can accomplish the same goal and you will achieve a stylish gentleman’s outfit.  

Think of nudes
When it comes to choosing colors for his clothes, Bond is very careful. Have you ever seen a 007 agent in orange or red? Off Corse not. His favorite palette is neutral. There is a good reason for this rule. As his latest costume designer would say: “Clothes should never dress the man or overpower him”. You should see the man first and the clothes second, which is why Bond’s wardrobe is based around a black, blue, and different shades of grey and brown - it allows his personality to shine through.   

Accessories don’t have to be good, they have to be very good
The trick is in the little details like cuff-links, good pair of sunglasses or gloves. I know, I know, I won’t miss out the wrist watch. But still, the accessories have to tell a story about the one who is wearing them. In Bond’s case, accessories add a touch of understated elegance. So it is better if you follow the rule: Less is more, and combine not-to-obvious accessories.  

Timeless pieces
Forget about fashion and technology pieces. They have nothing to do with Bond, or his elegance. Bond is a man who would create his own style and that is the reason why he always looks timeless. To accomplish this you have to choose classic pieces, like black trousers and white shirt with a bow. And keep it simple; combine it only with good watch and pair of good shoes. 

The main key to Bond’s sartorial success? According to his latest stylist, it is not so much about the clothes themselves but the effect they have on the wearer. Women find Bond’s style so attractive because he always wears clothes that make him feel confident. And it’s that confidence, not the clothes, that’s so attractive. And I couldn’t agree more. 

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