If you read my blog on regular basis, you know what a huge fan of colors I am. When it comes to choosing some pieces of wardrobe in the stores or online, I don’t like to purchase wardrobe in black color. The reason for that is one fashion advice that I got when I was younger, from a friend of mine who said: “Too many black things in your wardrobe is a lack of imagination”. So I wrapped this around my mind and I don’t like to buy lots of black clothes. 

But, when it comes to buying and choosing pieces in navy color I am such a freak. Since I adore this color, and navy have been featured in the strongest new- season looks, with few of the stand- out runway pieces (Hurray for that three times), I will for sure purchase something lusted- after piece of clothing or accessories. 

Until I do that purchase, I will satisfy my imagination with this editorial made of selection of clothes from my favorite designer’s autumn collections. And how about you, do you like to wear navy color pieces?  

Look at Vibe to look your best


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