The Italian designer Valentino has collaborated with charity organization Cash & Rocket to launch a limited capsule edition to raise funds a number of worthy causes.  The collection is a combination of ready-to-wear pieces, shoes, accessories and small leather goods. All the pieces are racing inspired with elegant leather driving gloves and full- length jumpsuits and high collared blazers in practical fabrics and camouflage prints. All the accessories from this collection are emblazoned with a studded hearth motif and Valentino’s signature rock stud heel has also been reworked to compliment the new range. 

The capsule collection will be available from May 14 on Stylebop’s web shop. Valentino will be donating 20 % of proceeds from the collection to Cash & Rockets, meant for life- changing support to women and children in Africa through education and healthcare. 
To find out more about the project and how you can get involved, visit nd shop the new Valentino for Cash & Rocket collection that launches on the 14th of May visit 

Cash & Rocket was created to bring fashion and luxury brands together in order to make a difference to global issues, this empowering, female tour, supports and helps women and children in third world countries. 

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