This month we are celebrating one year anniversary of Urban Vibe blog. Can’t believe it has been a whole year already. I can remember making my first preparations for the blog: choosing name, learning blogger templates, reading hundreds of articles about how to make your blog more interesting and how to start blogging. Publishing my first article- I feel like it was yesterday. I remember I was so excited, but at the same time so overwhelmed with fear: Would anyone at all read it? What if I’m boring with the chosen subject? Who would like to read what I have to say anyways?

Fast forward 12 months and many posts later, to be honest the blog changed my life and the way I was seeing various things in life. It was my creative outlet when I needed it most. And my writing has had the chance to positively impact more people than I imagined. I meet people who really encourage me to write more often and people who like to read and spread my positive energy from the blog. Well, this post goes for you. To all people who are my everyday inspiration to write more and for all readers who share the same dream with me. You are the reason I’m constantly teaching myself new things. Here I can also list my favorite bloggers, from which I learned a lot. Their blogs are so inspiring to me and many others. 

And last but not the least, if you want to share your ideas, if you love to write and communicate and you feel like there’s just so much for you to say: then, say it. Don’t be shy. We all value your opinion. That’s the right way to improve our blog and all its sections. 

I promised that I will post my first TV interview on our Macedonian television Telma. The interview was about blogging. So here it is. Hope you'll enjoy it. 

So keep on smiling, keep on reading and have a wonderful day. 

Look at vibe to look your best!
… E  


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