What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the South Seas? Coconut trees, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water? This summer, designers have translated a tropical paradise island into fashion and introduced the “Aqua” trend. Colors such as turquoise, jade and emerald are everywhere this season. Even if you’re not actually going to a paradise island, make sure that the materials you wear in these colors are light, airy and all natural, like cotton and silk.

The four most important rules to wear Aqua trend
1. The colors blue, green and turquoise are set off beautifully by a lightly tanned skin. They also look wonderful teamed with white and classic black pieces. 
2. Avoid the candy look – don’t combine aqua tones with other bright colors such as pink, neon green or yellow. Also avoid soft pastel colors so you won't look like a clown.
3. Aqua and metallic tones are a perfect match and give your outfit an avant-garde touch.
4. Less is more. Combine an aqua separate with other garments in neutral colors; otherwise you will lose the effect.
Here are some nice Aqua trendy designer pieces that I really, really liked. Enjoy the pictures be inspired and combine your own styling. 

Look at vibe at look your best!
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