Huffington post wrote: “As young people we will sustain our civilisation into next generation, every step we take today helps determine whether our affluence will wind up burying us in our effluence- so it’s up to each of us to use our influence”. I will add: Because, little things count, and those are the things that matters most in our lives. 

Every day we have a chance to learn how we can best care for our amazing planet. If you ask me, everyday should be Earth Day. But still, 22nd of April is a reminder for people to think harder and find proactive ways to sustain and protect it. I know that we can’t change everything overnight, but we have to fight to be socially responsible and truly care for the environment. Allow this day to be a reminder of what’s truly beautiful. 

In honour of Earth Day, here are some of my favourite Earth- celebrating photos which was taken by me, here and there and all around.

Look at vibe at look your best!

… E


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